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Commercial Property Valuations
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Our Services

Market Valuations

Our Market Valuation reports provide an independent assessment of market value for mortgage security and consultancy purposes. Our reports meet all the banking requirements and are accepted by all major banks. Market value assessments are also useful for understanding key drivers of your property’s value and providing a valued opinion before purchasing property. By leveraging our property database we pride ourselves on quick turnaround times whilst maintaining the highest standards and accuracy for all market valuations we undertake.

Insurance Valuations

Insurance Indemnification and Reinstatement Valuations allow for the accurate assessment of insurance cover and costs by your insurer. With every standard Market Valuation Report we offer a free Insurance Report and Certificate. We have a strong understanding of building costings which make our Insurance Reports reliable and accurate.

Specialist Property Types

Since our inception we have valued a wide range of specialist properties including childcare, healthcare, food distribution, cool stores, education, parking buildings, various accommodation types, supermarkets and lessor/lessee interests. We have continually developed our templates and knowledge to cater to these specialist property types to aid the process and quicken time frames.

Rental Valuations

Our database, knowledge and relationships, gives us a complete insight to the property market, allowing us to have the utmost confidence during the assessment of market rents. We typically provide rental assessments for rent review purposes, rental negotiations, consultancy and arbitration. Having worked for both landlords and tenants, we are happy to provide independent assessments and advice for either parties. Depending on what’s needed, we can provide a full current market rental valuation report and a rental certificate outlining our assessment for notification purposes.

Asset Valuations

Whether an individual investor or a large institutional investor, we can provide Asset Valuations for financial reporting or consultancy purposes. We have worked with a wide range of small to nation-wide portfolios and have the team and tools to provide reports within the required timeframes.

Property Advisory

We pride ourselves on offering a suite of advisory products tailored to assist our customers at any point of the purchasing process. Consultancy advice may include assisting with rental disputes, pre-purchase valuations, ‘As-if-Complete’ development scenarios, depreciation assessment and arbitrations. Call today to speak to someone regarding your unique property consultancy requirements.