Our Team

Ryan Impson

Registered Valuer/Director

Fulfilling a long-term dream of business ownership and team development, Ryan founded Absolute Value New Zealand in October 2012. After graduating from Massey University as a Scholar in 1999, Ryan’s valuation career started with employment at Darroch Ltd/DTZ, after which he became a partner with BNZ Property Finance. Ryan has gained a vast range of valuation experience in most property and tenure types, giving him the knowledge to tackle any valuation or property issue. He enjoys boxing and photography when he’s out of the office.

Direct Dial:     +64 9 373 3978
Mobile:            +64 27 519 3798
Email:               ryan.impson@absolutevalue.co.nz

Trent O’Keeffe

Registered Valuer

Following the completion of his Bachelor of Property and Commerce degree majoring in Accounting at the University of Auckland, Trent joined the Absolute Value team as a commercial valuer. He has since gained valuable knowledge and experience working with a wide range of commercial property types, including specialised assets such as childcare, parking and medical properties. His primary markets include the Auckland CBD and childcare assets nationwide . In his spare time Trent enjoys being on the tennis court, listening to country music and travelling.

Direct Dial:    +64 9 373 3970
Mobile:           +64 27 519 9680
Email:              trent.okeeffe@absolutevalue.co.nz

Dominic O’Keeffe

Registered Valuer

He joined the company in March 2014 and has since partaken in a range of business activities. Originally working part-time as an assistant valuer and database manager, he now works full time as a valuer, primarily specialising in office and retail properties within the Auckland CBD and Fringe market. Dominic joined the team whilst studying for his Bachelor of Property and Commerce Degrees, majoring in Marketing at the University of Auckland and has since graduated. Out of the office he enjoys playing tennis, golf and having a beer with his mates.

Direct Dial:    +64 9 373 3972
Mobile:           +64 27 519 3795
Email:              dominic.okeeffe@absolutevalue.co.nz

Janey Liu


Janey joined Absolute Value in October 2017 at the conclusion of her last year of studying a BCom/BProp conjoint degree at the University of Auckland. Having an Accounting background accompanied by a specialisation in Property has enabled Janey to develop both breadth and depth in skills and knowledge. She has been working mainly in the CBD market and is primarily involved in valuations of offices and specialised assets including childcare centres, commercial parking and medical properties. She enjoys dancing, going to karaoke and playing golf when she’s out of the office.

Direct Dial:   +64 9 307 2743
Mobile:           +64 22 010 3213
Email:              janey.liu@absolutevalue.co.nz

Courtney Harrison


Courtney joined Absolute Value in May 2018 during her second to last year of studies at the University of Auckland, Studying a Bachelor of Property. Courtney has taken part in data entry towards the company’s database and supporting valuers in their work whilst being here and is looking to pursue her goal of working within the property industry. In her spare time, you can find her at the beach or hanging out with her friends.

Direct Dial:   +64 9 379 0807
Email:             courtney.harrison@absolutevalue.co.nz


Belle Fang


Belle Joined Absolute Value in July 2017 during her second to last year of studies at the University of Auckland. Studying a Bachelor of Commerce and Property conjoint (majoring in Accounting and Property). Belle has extensively taken part in data entry towards the company’s database and supporting valuers in administrative work whilst being here. In her spare time, she likes to watch movies, listening to music and learn Korean.

Direct Dial:    +64 9 373 3972
Mobile:           +64 27 519 3792
Email:              belle.fang@absolutevalue.co.nz

Kathy Li


Kathy joined Absolute Value in November 2018 during her final semester of studying a Bachelor of Property from the University of Auckland. Kathy is looking forward to pursuing her career in the property industry whilst gaining valuable knowledge, experience and networks. She will be taking part in the valuation of the Auckland industrial market. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling the world, making new memories and enjoying a Pinot with her friends.

Direct Dial:    +64 9 373 3979
Mobile:           +64 27 532 7241
Email:              kathy.li@absolutevalue.co.nz

Yana Abramova

Client Communications

Yana started her job at Absolute Value in October 2019 after finishing a Business Diploma in Auckland. Her primary role at the company is being the client communications and providing key support to the Valuers. Along with client relations, she assists with administrative, marketing and HR tasks whilst maintaining the business plans. When she’s out of the office, Yana enjoys spending time with her friends whether it’s beach walking or having wine as well as a quite day in reading books.

Direct Dial:   +64 9 379 0807
Email:             yana.abramova@absolutevalue.co.nz


Rain Xia


Rain joined the Absolute Value team in August 2019, he is responsible for the back-end and front-end development our IT system and valuation database. He has a strong technical background working with financial data. Outside of work, he likes to spend his free time with his family, and he also has a strong dedication to keep himself up-to-date with the latest technology trends.

Direct Dial:  
Email:             rain.xia@absolutevalue.co.nz


Micah Lawson


Micah joined Absolute Value in March 2020 from his previous role with the Royal New Zealand Air Force. He is in his second to last year of studies at the University of Auckland, completing a Bachelor of Property. Micah is currently gaining valuable knowledge and experience for a career within the commercial property industry. In his spare time, Micah enjoys mountain biking and multisport.

Direct Dial:   
Email:              micah.lawson@absolutevalue.co.nz